Amendment 4

Have you ever gone to the hair dresser and paid exactly $25.00 dollars for a hair cut? That's nice isn't it, not having to pay $25.75 or $30.00 for something that is suppose to be just $25.00 dollars. Now imagine having to pay $30.00 dollars for a haircut that just last week cost $25.00 dollars! That is what will happen if Amendment four does not pass. All the services that we use, hair stylist, plumbers, handy man's, real estate agents will be taxed for their services, so of course this will make the price of these goods go up and make it harder for the lower to middle class income families able to afford such services. This also leaves a lot of people out of a job because they lose customers because of the new prices that they HAD to increase due to said tax. So in short vote YES to Amendment 4 to protect our rights as service providers.

Now if what you read above does not scare you, then maybe this will, not only will hairstylist and personal trainers be taxed for their services, but so will doctors, physicians, and surgeons! Can you image the increase in price? The lower income families will be in more of a bind and unable to go to the doctor when they need to! Sometimes taxes are just not a good idea. This is one of those times!

This amendment is set up to protect taxpayers by preventing the government from needlessly taxing services that we use daily. So on November 8th vote YES to Amendment 4 and protect your constitutional rights!

For more information on Amendment 4 and how to become involved click HERE!

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