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We have all had a time where we spent our youth doing wild and crazy things but sometimes the party can get a little too wild and crazy! There is always a time to step back and say "Okay, is this safe for me?"  "Have I had enough to drink" "Who can I call to come get me?".

These are all serious questions and as labor day is coming up fast, Party cove at the lake will be packed full of adults of all ages and the best thing is to have a plan in place to keep yourself and those around you safe! Below are a few tips to help you enjoy the fun but also remain safe!

1.) Assign a designated driver! Driving under the influence causes just as many boat wrecks as it does car wrecks!

2.) Have a buddy system! These parties can get out of hand and having someone who can help keep you safe is just being smart!

3.) Never go with a stranger! This is just common sense!

But the most important tip I can give is know your limit! Never go over that and you should be able to have a memorable and fun time!

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