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The best news for any community is hearing that there will be growth happening! This is especially good news for us because we live and work in our community and with 3 new projects in the works it is a sign of economic growth and wealth! 

The first project is a conversion of almost 14 acres into retail shopping centers and restaurants near the Golden Door Motel. This is estimated to cost $30.5 million!

The second project is a Community Improvement project as part of the Arrowhead Centre project. This will include senior living facilities, restaurants and shopping centers as well.

The third and last project is rezoning 19 acres of property located next to Backwater Jacks from agricultural to commercial zoning. The intent is to build somewhere between five and eight homes that can sleep up to fourteen people! This is intended to be a nightly rental plan.

With all these new project comes new job opportunities, outsourcing and more revenue coming in. This is a great thing for our community not only as a tourists destination but also for those of us who live here year round. I cannot wait to see what the final projects will look like.

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