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It is that time of year again when we all are expecting something sweet and romantic from our significant other. And boy, sometimes they can really drop the ball on this one! So here is a reminder:

You Have 22 Days to Plan Something Spectacular!

Now when I say spectacular, I do not mean expensive or extravagant! A quiet meal (no Kids!!) and a walk on the lake (beach, park, ect.) can be just as spectacular as that weekend get-a-way! Flowers are ALWAYS appreciated (there doesn't even need to be a reason!!) and of course, chocolate!

If your wanting to bring out all the stops then a weekend get-a-way might be just your thing. There are several great places throughout Missouri that would make a great romantic get-a-way! Here are a few to name:

1.) A romantic horse drawn carriage ride around St. Louis.

2.) The Hermannhof Winery of Hermann!! Yummy!

3.) The Gardenhouse Bed and Breakfast of Lake Ozark ( we do have it all!!).

Not to forget all the great dining and entertainment we have in our great community And we have the Bridal Cave! Where many people go each Valentine's day to get married or renew their vows!

With this much of a heads up you should be in the clear with the sweetie in your life!!

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